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Tamilnadu NTSE 2013 Exam Model Question Paper Syllabus for 9th, 10th class

Here you can check about Tamilnadu NTSE 2013 Exam Model Question Paper Syllabus for 9th, 10th class. Are you one of the candidate who would like to check State Level National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) IX, Xth Standard November 2013 Exam model question papers and syllabus ? Official of Tamilnadu Exam Board has published the syllabus and sample paper pattern with answers in its portal. Those who would like to check your answers can check it.

You can find 9th, 10th November 2013 syllabus as following,
IX Std Mathematics
1. Theory of Sets
2. Real number System
3. Scientific notations of real numbers & Logarithms
4. Algebra
5. Co-Ordinate Geometry
6. Trignomentry
7. Geometry
8. Mensuration
9. Statistics
10. Probability

X Std :
1. Sets and Functions
2. Sequences and series of real numbers
3. Algebra
4. Matrices
5. Co-ordinate Geometry
6. Geometry
7. Trignometry

IX Physics
1. Measuring instruments
2. Motions and liquids
3. Work, Power, Energy and Heat
4. Sound

1. Measuring instruments
2. Laws of motion and gravitation
3. Electricity and Energy

IX Chemistry
1. Atomic Structure
2. Chemical Equation
3. Periodic Classification of elements
4. Chemical bonds
X Std :
1. Solutions
2. Atoms and molecules
3. Chemical Reactions

SCIENCE – Biology
IX Std:-
1. Improvement in food resources.
2. Addiction and Healthy life style.
3. Human body Organ system
4. Structure and physiological functions of plants.
5. Animal kingdom
6. Cells and Tissues
7. Bio-Geo Chemical cycle
8. Pollution and Ozone depletion

X Std
1. Heredity and Evolution
2. Health and Hygiene
3. My Body
4. Reproduction in plants
5. Conservation of Environment

IX Std. - History
1. Ancient Civilizations
2. Intellectual awakening of the 6th Century BC
3. Mediaeval Age
4. Beginning of modern age
5. The industrial Revolution
6. The French Revolution (1789)
7. Cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu

X Std
1. Imperialism – Imperialism in India and China
2. First World War A.D.1914 – A.D.1918 League of Nations
3. World between the Wars – A.D.1919 – A.D.1939 Economic depression
4. Fascism in Italy A.D.1922 – A.D.1945
5. Nazism in Germany A.D.1933 – A.D.1945
6. Second World War A.D. 1939 – A.D.1945
7. The United Nations Organisation
8. European Union

1. Tamil Nadu
2. Physiography of Tamil Nadu
3. Climate of Tamil Nadu
4. Resources of Tamil Nadu
5. Tamil Nadu Agriculture
6. Tamil Nadu Manufacturing industry
7. Tamil Nadu Transport & Communication
8. Tamil Nadu Trade
9. Tamil Nadu Population
10. Environmental Issues
11. Conservation of resources & Sustainable development
1. India – Location and Physiography
2. India – Climate
3. India – Natural Resources
4. India – Agriculture
5. India – Industries

IX- Political Science(Civics)
1. The Union Government
2. The State Government
3. Rights & Duties of citizens
4. Contemporary Social Issues of Tamil Nadu

India and World Peace

1. Demand & supply
2. Equilibrium price

1. National Income

English Syllabus:
1. Reading Comprehension Question would be in objective type with four options
2. One word substitute by finding out the suitable option (Four options will be given)
3. Spotting out the error among four parts (ABCD) of a sentence
4. Selecting the exact meaning of the given phrasal Verbs/idioms
5. Cloze test – giving a paragraph with blanks and selecting the most appropriate Word for each blank out of four Options given below
6. Synonyms/Anonymous – selecting the most appropriate option out of four Options and filling out the blank
7. Verb-tenses - Fill in the blanks with the right tense form.

NTSE 2013 sample and model question paper format will cover the question from the above list of subject topics. Also test will be conducted in Mental Ability Test, Language Comprehensive Test, Scholastic Aptitude Test types.

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