Thursday, June 6, 2013 Rajasthan Financial Management Online System Rajasthan Financial Management Online System. PayManager is the Integrated Financial Manamgement System. It is actually Pay Bill Preparation System which help the employees to login to the PayManager and use the list of available services. Government of Rajasthan State Employees can use this PayManager Software to get benefited, it provides common and integrated platform to prepare the pay bills of the employees.

Employees can send the request to create new login account in PayManager portal. Prerequisite for PayManager new accounts are following,

  • Office ID
  • Maker/Checker Concept
  • DDO username/password would be provided initially by NIC
  • Budget head
  • Network Connection
  • Internet Browser 
  • Legacy data(Paybill.mdb) [First time Only]
  • Legacy data size should not be more than 15MB.To reduce size, delete tables 
  • other than mentioned below and also use ’Compact & Repair’ Option under MS 
  • Access Database.
  • Tables required Allowances, ChildrenMaster, Deductions, EmployeeMaster,
  • GroupMaster, LICMaster, LoanMaster, SlabMaster, SPLAllowances, DDO, Initials
  • and remove rest tables. 

Steps to use the services as follows:
Step 1: Log On
Step 2: User Creation and Permissions
Step 3: Porting Legacy Data to Pay Manager Server
Step 4: Employee Pay Details
Step 5: Assigning Bill Numbers to Bills
Step 7: Processing of Reports
Step 8: Bill Forward/Revert
Step 9: Bill Cycle Closure.
Step 10: Employee Corner

Note : PayManager Software not only to use for Pay bill Preparation, It also help to prepare DA Arrear, Bonus, Arrears and Leave encashment Bills.

Helpline Phone numbers: If you face any issue to login to account or use any of services you can always reach Assistant to this 0141-5111007 phone number. If you like to send error screen via email or feel to contact them through email you can reach at email address.

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