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TNTET 2013 Model Question Papers | Paper 1, Paper 2 Model Papers with Answers

TNTET 2013 Model Question Papers | Paper 1, Paper 2 Model Papers with Answers. Here we have attached the model question papers for Tamilnadu Teachers Eligibility Test 2013. All we know that exam for TRB TNTET scheduled on August 17th and 18th 2013. Those who like to check the model question paper for this exam can go through the given steps to check the model question papers pdf and download it for further reference.

Tamilnadu TET Paper 1 test paper contains a booklet of questions and an OMR Answer sheet. This model question paper contains 5 parts. You can find the objective type questions from Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I - (Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada/Urdu), Language II-(English), Mathematics and Environmental Studies.

TNTET Paper 1 Model Questions:
1) In which stage is the Physical growth is rapid?
A Early childhood B Infancy C Adolescence D School age

2) The term used by Piaget to refer “one’s cognitive structure”
A Iconic B Schema C Action Schema D Egocentric

3) The psychologist who defined moral development
A McDougall B Thorndike C Pavlov D Piaget

4) One of the Important Learning Factor is
A Retention B Attitude C Attention D Attraction

Tamilnadu TET Paper 2 contains following parts of questions.
Part I: Child Development and Pedagogy (Q. 1 to Q. 30)
Part II: Language I - (Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada/Urdu) (Q. 31 to Q. 60)
Part III: Language II-(English) (Q.61 to Q.90)
Part IV: Mathematics and Science (Q. 91 to Q. 150)
Part IV: Social Studies (Q. 91 to Q. 150)

TNTET Paper 2 List of few Model Questions:
1) The book titled ‘Dream Analysis’ was published by
A John Dewey B William James
C Edward Tichenes D Sigmund Freud

2) First step in Teaching
A Evaluation B Preparation C pursuing D Planning

3) During fertilization the chromosome received from the male partner is

4) The transfer of physiological and genetic characters from parents to off springs through generations is called
A Evolution B Transfer to next generation
C Biological heridity D None of the above

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